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Two movies today:

Daybreakers: I think I had more fun watching the background stuff that showed the way society had changed than watching the actual plottiness. Not that the plottiness was bad; I just got caught up in the details, because I am a sucker for a well-imagined world. Also: way to go makeup/lighting people - Ethan Hawke as vampire/human was quite noticeable! And I loved spotting everyone's bite scars. I also found myself getting the point/theme without having it be spell it out/drop the anvil, which was nice.

Book of Eli: Eh, someone got their religion in my apocalypse! I was hoping for more from the mysterious book than the Bible, even while I couldn't see how a book would change the whole big apocalypse landscape (at least without devolving into the quest/sparkly unicorn side, which doesn't seem to be Denzel Washington's bag). I found this movie delved too much into the "civilization breaks down, petty dictators take over, rape and killing abounds, life is short and hard" side of the apocalypse and not enough into the whole how would life be different? What are the differences, how do people rebuild, etc, etc. I did think the twist at the end was interesting, if hard for me to take with my own religious beliefs. I wonder if it would be worth a rewatch to see if they held true to the twist revealed at the end ala Sixth Sense, but I feel it wouldn't really be worth watching all two hours again.


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