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randomreader ([personal profile] randomreader) wrote2010-02-16 02:56 am

Another double feature

The Wolfman: I think I like the stories about this movie better than the movie itself (which hinge on how hairy Benicio del Toro is in real life). One of my favorite moments from the trailer (Emily Blunt hiding behind a tree at night) was wonderfully atmospheric and evocative in the trailer, but was practically a blink and you'll miss it moment in the film. In general, I just didn't see the point of this film; maybe the problem is that I'm not generally a horror fan, so watching the gore and mayhem wasn't really enough. I wanted more of a story of some sort.
Percy Jackson - Lightning Thief: yet again, I should have waited until after the movie to read the book. Since I had read the book, the movie felt very very rushed and obvious. I mean, the book telegraphed the traitor pretty clearly, but overall, information was revealed fairly subtly and organically - all of that was lost in the movie. Some of the changes I can see (timeline compression) to accomodate the movie format, but some didn't make much sense at all to me (complete loss of Clarisse & the other Ares kids). Overall verdict: just read the book.